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The Ghosts clan was founded by Piggybear on 2014-09-17. The second member was Fr00ty L00ps, who joined shortly after. Beha began hosting the Ghosts server on 2014-09-22, and joined the clan on the 29th.

The next two members were jd3466 (now known as Capitro), and Jfault, who both joined on 2014-10-15. On the 20th Piggybear and Beha moved the website from iclanwebsites to Piggybear's own server at Fr00ty L00ps was kicked from the clan due to inactivity. Beha was promoted to officer.

At the beginning of November Piggybear went inactive, and would go down for a few days occasionally. He returned sometime in December, and Bluegamer45 was recruited on the 16th.

Sometime in early 2015's server failed, and the entire website was lost. About a month after that a new server went online, with the rewritten second version of the website. jd3466 was kicked from the clan for inactivity, but returned a few months later as Capitro. Jfault was promoted to officer.

Several new recruits joined, restcoser on May 2nd, f4lk on May 21st and Donillo on June 24th. A clan war with ACE was planned around this time, Lagetta and Honno joining on the June 27th. On Jul 1st the clan war was held, with ACE winning. ACK03 joined near this time.

A few days before the 1 year mark of 2015-09-18, Piggybear went inactive again, taking with him. On 2016-01-15, Beha started hosting a third version of the Ghosts website. Capitro and ACK03 were kicked from the clan.

Androidel joined on 2016-05-29, and Miguel was accepted on 2016-06-08

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