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Clan Rules

  • Leaders can override these rules if neccessary.

In game

  • Try not to chatkill.
  • There is no restriction on alternate names or playing without your tag.
  • Recruits: [*Ghosts*]:Name
  • Members: [Ghosts]:Name
  • Officers/Leaders: [Ghosts]::Name

However, you can use nearly any tag you'd like, as long as it shows the [Ghosts] or [*Ghosts*] part.

Ghosts Servers
  • Localops will be given to members, supporter for recruits, moderator for members, operator for officers, and administrator for leaders.
    • Some ranks may be given outside of this rule.
  • Don't use moderator permissions without a reason.


  • Very long inactivity with no reason given may result in being removed from the clan.
    • You can rejoin after this, if you're still interested.


  • After applying there will be a short wait so members can vote on accepting you, and so we can watch you play.


  • Recruits will be promoted to full member status after about a week.
  • Officers will be selected by leaders as needed.
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